Size Small 12 – 15 INCHES or 31 – 38 cm

These collars will be custom made for your pet, with my finest Brazilian magnetite and very strong woven fabric.

The collars are adjustable, so You don’t have to know the size down to a fraction of a millimeter or inch.

( You still should measure your pets neck before You purchase.)

One magnetic collar will treat your whole pet.

The collars will be custom made for Your pet

You will find a color chart in picture #2, with numbers and names of the colors, here You will pick the number/color You

would like for the collar.. then select it in the drop down.

Your pet should wear the collar 24/7, to keep the benefits of the magnetite working.

These collars are totally functional, they can be worn the same as any other collar.

Your pet can wear it with their harness if they need too.

You will receive easy cleaning instruction with your purchase.

The following is a few of the many conditions magnetite will help your pet with:

Skin Conditions, Seizures, Arthritis, Hearing, Mites, Fleas, internal & External Pain and general Health

By Balancing Your Pets PH with these collars it should Prevent Stones of the Bladder and Urinary tract

Thank You for taking a look

Wishing You and your Pet good health

Some reviews;

Mar 3, 2018

by Barbara M on Magnetite Jewelry
Magnetite Jewellery

So now my Dog is 17 years old and I got a Magnetite Dog Collar for him , I couldn’t believe within 3 days his appetite increased and he had Arthritis in his right leg he is so much better and is running all over the Place and I have taken him off his Pain pills. I’m truly grateful and he wears it every Day

What a fantastic idea, a therapeutic dog collar. My dog is allergic to fleas, among other ailments, and flea medicine. She’s been wearing this collar she got for Christmas and seems to be scratching less. In general, she seems happier. And the collar is a standard, functional collar made very well. Great job Gina and thanks. UPDATE: After a month wearing this collar my dog’s health has improved. If your dog suffers from similar ailments I strongly suggest trying one of these collars. Thanks again Gina from my dog and
5 out of 5 stars

tdrgun1 on Jan 2, 2018
5 out of 5 stars

Mar 27, 2014

by Bonnea on Magnetite Jewelry
Very Good Results
My 16 year old Siamese cat was having a lot of mobility problems. I have him on a natural remedy for arthritis which helped but after 1 year he started to decline again and I could see that he was in pain. He couldn’t jump up on his chair and wasn’t very happy. My brother in law told me about good results he had with his 10yr old Pomeranian dog with a sore leg, so I ordered one for my cat Merlin.
He improved right away. I could see his pain had decreased because he could jump up in his chair, no problem. He became more interested in going outside and I even saw him running in the garden. His quality of life has improved so much, it is truly a gift to give my favorite animal friend a new lease on life.
Reasonably priced and first class service. Thank you Gina